Hippo weeknotes, volume two


03 May 2024

My second week at Hippo was an interesting mix of onboarding, internal projects and learning about upcoming client work

Next week, I’m starting on a project, so this week, I’ve been trying to understand about the client and the problem they’re solving. It’s a complex internal service for one of our public sector clients, which means climbing the mountain of domain knowledge. There are hundreds of acronyms, intricate policies, and existing processes to learn about.

Starting a new project made me reflect on the Dunning-Kruger effect. Even though it might be a load of old rubbish, I think it’s a good mental model to adopt. It’s a reminder to stay humble; even the things that appear simple often aren’t on closer inspection.

Meanwhile, back at Hippo

I’ve been working with Rich and Zoe on planning a session for our user experience and service designers in Leeds in a couple of weeks. I won’t give anything away, but it should be fun.

On Tuesday, I received an unexpected gift: A box full of Hippo-branded goodies. It’s a small gesture, but it made me feel welcome. My daughter snaffled the chocolate within 60 seconds of me opening the box.

Track of the week

“King, how are you such a genius? There’s a roof overhead and food on our plates.”

Oh course, it’s King of Spain by Moxy Früvous.

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