Traditional yet modern

The challenge was to deliver a website that looked fresh enough to attract a modern audience but still communicated the deep history and values of the school.

I worked with the school to work through different versions of the homepage. Some were too plain, too modern or too stuff. Eventually, we arrived a refined balance.

The evolution of Dauntsey’s homepage

Two websites, one theme

Dauntsey’s Sailing Club is home to the Jolie Brise — a 22-meter pilot cutter. Owned, sailed and maintained by Dauntsey’s pupils this iconic piece of British sailing history demanded a standalone website.

I used the same visual language and template layouts for both Dauntsey’s and The Jolie Brise sites. Not only did this immediately connect the two, but also reduced the learning curve for content editors.

The homepage of that uses the same visual template as Dauntsey’s with an updated colour-scheme.

Responsive? Of course

I constructed Dauntsey’s site work on small screens first, then scaled-up for larger screens. Not only did it look great on smaller screens, but it also had to load quickly and work properly — even where internet connection speeds were low.


Dauntsey’s enjoyed two new responsive websites that were easily editable with Firefly’s WYSIWYG editor.