Claire Jones Handmade

I helped Claire Jones sell her beautiful handmade items online with a fresh brand and Shopify e-commerce website.


Aug 2011 - February 2012

What I did
  • Brand design
  • Web design
  • Web development

Brand design

Claire makes beautiful handmade gifts & home-wares from reclaimed material. She wanted a brand that would reflect the personality of unique items and a website where she could sell them.

Claire’s creations, like her, are charmingly quirky. I wanted to bring out her personality in the brand look-and-feel. Handmade meant hand-drawn—so that’s where I started. Claire also wanted to put her logo on all sorts of handmade gifts, so needed something robust. I created a quirky logo that would work in any colour and at any size.

The brand in use

I created a whole host of branded items for Claire to give her maximum flexibility when branding her handmade gifts. This included super-sticky vinyl stickers, business cards and a bespoke ink-and-pad stamp.

A Shopify e-commerce website

Claire was selling her handmade gifts at local craft markets but wanted to supplement this income by selling online. We chose Shopify as I could completely customise the look-and-feel of the shop and Claire had a robust and secure system to support her as she grew her business.

Claire’s website, has a bespoke look and feel built on the rock-solid foundation of Shopify.