I help teams and organisations build better digital products.

Hands-on design

I’ve been creating vibrant, useable digital products for the last two decades. Whether you need a safe pair of hands to create an engaging website or the interaction design for a complex app — I can help.

I’m adept at:

  • Visual and interaction design
  • Designing across multiple platforms
  • Creating design systems and pattern portfolios

Front-end development

I’m a skilled front-end developer. In fact, I’ve been coding websites since 1996. I’m passionate about clean, clever code that works for everyone — regardless of device or connection quality.

I’m proficient in:

  • Clean, semantic HTML and CSS
  • Javascript and frameworks like jQuery and Vue.js
  • Creating modularised pattern portfolios
  • Build tools and processes with Node.js and Gulp

Team leadership and org-design

Coordinating designers, developers and product-people into effective teams is often challenging. I’ve led numerous teams, and I know how to get the best from people.

I work with business on a short term basis to help:

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities and identify skill gaps
  • Hire and onboard the right people
  • Mentor team-members and leaders
  • Run workshops that leverage the creativity of everyone — not just designers.

Strategy and process

The act of design is about more than making a product look pretty. Done right, a great design process can help inform overall business strategy — accelerating you away from your competition.