Welcome to Everyday Ideas


Wednesday 1st January 2020

Jon Roobottom

I’m starting a new short blog posts series. I’m calling it Everyday Ideas and I’m going to share ideas on having ideas.

Creativity is misunderstood. Most people I speak with think it’s the preserve of a select few. That it’s the result of unintended moments of inspiration. That you’re either born creative, or you’re not.

At its core, creativity is about new ideas. Everyone has a huge capacity for ideas. It’s not the preserve of artists or inventors. We’re all born to be creative.

So I’m writing a series of short posts about having, testing and refining ideas.

Like anything creative, rules help — so here’s mine:

  1. Write once, edit twice: Even though ideas can be raw their presentation shouldn’t be.
  2. Refine ideas: Revisit ideas multiple times when they warrant further exploration
  3. Don’t get lost: Keep each post focused around one idea.
  4. Test with real people: Invite feedback.