Design Club Event at Firefly

03 November 2017

The first design club event at Firefly HQ in Hammersmith, London.

We value learning at Firefly. We value giving busy teachers more time to teach. We value giving students more ways to learn. We value ensuring our team always have access to continual learning by providing a £1000 per person training budget. We also value our community. That’s why giving meetup groups like Design Club is important to us.

Monday evening saw around 20 designers enjoying some beer, pizza and listening to some fascinating talks by thought leaders in the field of User Experience Design.

The fantastic Ben Sauer kicked off the evening with his talk “Why is solving the right problem so hard?”, in which he shared his manifesto of why user research is of paramount importance when building digital products.

Later, the brilliant Luke Hay shared his thoughts on uncovering areas for research and the testing of design decisions using data in his talk “Using analytics for user research”.

A great night of food, drink and UX thinking was had by all. Roll on the next Design Club event!

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