About Me

Hello, my name is Jonathan, and I’ve been designing and building things for the web since 2001. Yes, I’ve been at this quite a while now but don’t worry: I still sport a reassuring beard and finely quaffed hair-do.

Oh, hi, I didn't see you come in.

What I do

I’m the Head of Design for Firefly Learning. I lead a team of UX, visual and communication designers. It’s my job to ensure they can succeed in their roles. I’m also a member of Firefly’s first team: The senior leadership crew with its hand of the tiller, navigating the company through choppy waters as we grow.

What I value

I’ve thought long and hard about what I value at work. Acknowledging why I enjoy some roles and not others enable me to identify where I’ll thrive and where I’ll give my best. My values are the pruning sheers of my professional life.


I believe in the persuasive power of carefully considered words and hardworking pictures for productive communication. I value time to collaboratively hone ideas through writing and drawing.


I believe in the importance of logical, systematic thinking and how I can apply this beyond code into all areas of work. I value regular time to grow my skills as a programmer.

Building things

I find delight in the flow-state achieved when building things. I value roles that enable me to create as well as lead.


I believe in creating systems to minimise grunt-work. I value the freedom to create these processes where they don’t exist.

For example: the (extremely fast) flat-file publishing system I built to run this site.


I believe that breakthrough ideas often come from outside my area of expertise. I value indulging my lifelong love of learning.


I believe that great work happens when both body and mind are fit and healthy. I value time away from my desk to exercise.